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Week 47 Iowa H3N2v Child Without Swine Exposure
Recombinomics Commentary 23:55
November 30, 2012

The CDC also said it received a new report of H3N2v infection, the first to be reported since the end of September. The patient, from Iowa, had no contact with swine or other livestock the week before becoming sick.

Patricia Quinlisk, MD, MPH, medical director of the Iowa Department of Public Health, told CIDRAP News that the H3N2v infection was detected within the past 2 weeks through routine surveillance. The patient is a child who has since recovered.

Quinlisk said another member of the child's family had been sick previously but was not tested.

The above comments describe the new H3N2v case described in week 47 CDC FluView.  As noted, the case had no swine contact and the only contact with symptoms was a relative.

The sequence has not yet been made public.  All human H3N2v sequences in 2012 have been the novel sub-clade first reported at a Mineral County day care center in West Virginia in late 2011
(A/West Virginia/06/2011 and A/West Virginia/07/2011), except for three cases from Michigan, which were reassortants with a PB1 with E618D.

Additional testing in Cedar County, Iowa would be useful.  Last year at this time an H3N2v cluster was identified in Iowa which also had no swine exposure.  However, that sub-clade matched the earlier 2011 human cases, which is widespread in swine in 2012

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