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Ohio trH1N2 Swine Is Other Parent For H3N2pdm11
Recombinomics Commentary 22:20
December 06, 2011

Sequences from a trH1N2 swine, A/swine/Ohio/FAH10-1/2010, generated at Ohio State University (OSU) were recently released at Genbank.  The sequences were from a sample collected October 1, 2010 when matching human trH3N2 sequences were circulating in Pennsylvania (A/Pennsylvania/40/2010) and Wisconsin (A/Wisconsin/12/2010).  The isolates contained matches for the first 2011 trH3N2 isolate, A/Indiana/08/2011, in five of the eight genes (PB2, PA, HA, NP, NS). 

The NA gene matched A/Pennsylvania/14/2010) which was also in a large number of trH1N2 sequences deposited by the USDA.  These H1N2 sequences also had an M gene from H1N1pdm09 to drive rerassortment.  Thus, 2 of the 3 genes matched the Indiana/08/2011 sequences as well as all subsequent H3N2pdm11 sequences (9 human and 1 swine).

The sequences deposited by OSU presented all eight gene segments, including PB1 which also matched H3N2pdm11 (the NP gene match H1N1pdm09).  Thus, the H3N2pdm11 was generated through reassortment with the 2010 human trH3N2 and the swine trH1N2 represented by the Ohio sequence (which was probably widespread in swine in many states, including Indiana and Iowa, the origin of many H1N2 sequences which match the HA, NA, and MP of the Ohio sequence). 

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