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ECDC Update On H3N2pdm11 Risk Ignores trH1N2
Recombinomics Commentary 23:45
December 13, 2011

With respect to the newly identified case of SOIVtrA(H3N2)-M in West Virginia, this is not unexpected given that these infections are endemic in pigs and surveillance for these viruses in humans has been enhanced in the US.

The above comments from the ECDC update on the tH3N2 case, A/West Virginia/06/2011, which ignores the trH1N2 case, A/Minnesota/19/2011, which is closely related to the human 2010 trH3N2 cases, as well as the 2011 H3N2pdm11 cases.

The claim that H3N2pdm11 is endemic in pigs has not been confirmed by any real data. The swine surveillance in the US is far more robust that the abysmal testing in Europe, and USDA and has identified over 20 swine isolates in 2010 and 2011 in multiple states that matched the HA, N, and MP of the parental H1N2, yet has only identified one swine isolate of H3N2pdm11,
A/swine/NY/A01104005/2011, on (Sept 13).

The December 9, 2011 CDC "Have You Heard?" has modified its comments on the H3N2pdm11 by changing the claim of detection in several states to simply noting that it has been detected by the USDA (the New York case).

Moreover, the five most recent cases, including the West Virginia case noted above, have no swine contact, and the ECDC review fails to note the existence of the trH1N2 cases, which has evolved from the 2010 trH3N2 cases, indicating multiple versions of this virus (H3N2pdm11, trH3N2, and trH1N2) are circulating and have no swine contact.  All of these five cases are in children 3 years old or younger.

The ECDC reviews remain phylogenetically challenged, and are a hazard to the world’s health.

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