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Fujian H5N2 Cluster In Langley / Aldergrove Confirmed
Recombinomics Commentary
December 21, 2014 12:45

Confirmed that address. The Praxair trucks are there with the RCMP at the bottom of the driveway

The above “boots on the ground” comment confirms the location of the latest Langley farm (#11 in CFIA running tally), which is 1 km from the US border (see map).  The latest site is 1.6 miles from the other Langley location and 5 miles north of Lynden, where 4 pet falcons died from eating an H5N8 widgeon, caught near Wiser Lake, 2 miles south of Lynden.

There was a recent massive die off at the lake (about 600 ducks) and a northern pintail from the lake was positive for H5N2.  Aspergilliosis was also detected in dead ducks, and avian influenza is ongoing in ducks collected from the die-off, as well as live birds at the lake.

H5N8 has been detected in Winston, Oregon in a small holding of 100 chickens and guinea fowl who had access to a marshy region frequented by wild birds (see map).

Thus, both H5N2 and H5N8 have been detected in wild birds and poultry, but detections in the wild birds has been limited to the area in or near Wiser Lake.  Boots on the ground interviews with local residents identified a series of die-offs north of the outbreak in Fraser Valley / Abbotsford / Langley area beginning with Cluculz Lake in late August (250 ducks 300 miles north), followed by Anderson Lake in mid September (350 ducks 100 miles north), followed by early December die-offs in Alouette Lake (300 ducks 15 miles north) and Devil’s Lake (500 ducks 10 miles north).  However, high path H5 was not detected at any of the above die offs.

Similarly, Canada has not identified Fujian H5 in any wild birds, and H5N8 has not been identified in poultry, while the US has not identified H5N2 in any poultry. 

However, increased surveillance due to the recent positives, will undoubtedly detect widespread H5N8 and H5N2 in North America.

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