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Backyard Fujian H5 In Aldergrove British Columbia
Recombinomics Commentary
December 22, 2014 12:15

The following table lists non-commercial infected premises (IPNC) identified as part of the ongoing avian influenza situation in British Columbia.
Non-commercial Premises
IPNC # Location Date confirmed Poultry type Approximate # of affected birds
01 Aldergrove December 19 Ducks/Chickens/Geese/Turkeys 85
    Total: 85

The above CFIA data describe the first reported Fujian H5 infection in backyard poultry in British Columbia.  The first 11 confirmations were in commercial farms and the first 9 have been described in OIE reports as H5N2. 

However, the three most recent outbreaks have been in the Langley / Aldergove area, which is five miles north of  Lynden, where four pet falcons died from eating an H5N8 widgeon captured near Wiser Lake, 2 miles south of Lynden, and 7 miles north of Wiser Lake where H5N2 was confirmed in a northern pintail (see map).

Thus, it is unclear if the three most recent outbreaks were due to H5N2 and/or H5N8, which may also be present in wild birds in the area due to the Aldergrove Regional Park, which is adjacent to the cluster in Langley / Aldergrove.

More information on the serotype of these cases, as well as the release of sequences, would be useful.

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