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Japan and Taiwan H1N1 Sequences Match United Kingdom
Recombinomics Commentary 16:15
December 27, 2010

The CDC and NIID in Japan released a series of partial HA sequences from pH1N1 isolates collected between August and October in Asia (and deposited at GISAID).  These sequences had recombination similar to the sequences from the United Kingdom and Iran.

One of the sequences from Taiwan, A/Taiwan/305/2010, contained D100N (se list here) and N126D (see list here), which is the same combination seen in A/England/4780352/2010.

Similarly, S188T was found in A/KANAGAWA/74/2010, which was also seen in A/Karaj/5327/2010 and A/England/4880374/2010 (see list here).  The sequence from Japan had the addition markers shared between A/Karaj/5327/2010 and A/BRUNEI/218/2010, including S146G (see list here) .

The latest sequences from Asia confirm the spread of the sequences seen earlier in  Australia and indicate the latest strains of H1N1 are rapidly evolving via recombination, which is shuffling individual pH1N1 polymorphisms to generate novel sequences, which are generating alarming severe and fatal cases, as seen in the United Kingdom.

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