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Dramatic Spread of H5N1 in Egypt

Recombinomics Commentary 22:46
December 28, 2007

According to the results of tests conducted veterinary labs in Cairo concerning examination results of samples number of dead birds in three houses La Republic of the Section on the first Mahala it positive and deaths of these birds within minutes up to more than 150 flying due to the illness of avian influenza,

Dr. Hamed revealed Samaha, Chairman of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, the rise in the incidence of disease avian influenza poultry farmer to 5 cases, three in the Eastern Province [Ash Sharqiyah], and one case each of the provinces of Qaliubiya, Beni Suef.

He told "Egyptian Today" it was discovered the emergence of 6 cases of domestic education [backyard poultry] and the Western [Al Gharbiyah] provinces of Menoufiya, Cairo and Giza and Beni Suef, Dakahliya, pointing out that such cases fall within the household of Education banned Cities accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Committee for the fight against bird flu.

The above translations describe a dramatic rise in reported outbreaks of H5N1.  It was found on farms in three governorates as well as nine backyard farms, primarily in the Nile Delta (see satellite map).  These increases are in spite of the aggressive vaccination program in Egypt.

The outbreaks help explain the three confirmed H5N1 cases in two days.  The WHO situation update for Egypt indicated one of the new cases was in critical condition, while the second case was stable in the ICU.  These two cases, coupled with the earlier fatality suggest a more aggressive H5N1 is circulating, as was seen twelve months ago when the first seven confirmed cases died.

Detail on the sequences from these new outbreaks would be useful.

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