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H1N1 Death Cluster Grows In Juarez MexicoTraffic Department
Recombinomics Commentary 03:05
April 1, 2011

Corners, head of the Sanitary District, announced that it raised the rate of people with human influenza virus H1N1 positive nine people, including also became known unofficially as 3 elements of the Municipal Traffic Division are hospitalized due to be infected the virus, while it was mentioned that one of them is in intensive care fighting for his life.

It should be noted that the information unofficially, he explained that the three elements, besides the two who lost their lives, are assigned to East Station.

The above translation indicates that the H1N1 cluster at the Juarez traffic division continues to grow.  In addition to the two fatalities, three more cases have been announced, including one in critical conditions.  All five cases are from the same station.  These cases demonstrate the high rate of severe and fatal cases, again suggesting that the H1N1 in Mexico is a novel sub-clade.  The high rate of severe and fatal cases extends to confirmed cases in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua.

Recent media reports suggest that the sequences have a large number of changes, which may explain the difficulty in diagnosis these cases beyond atypical pneumonia as well as confirming the H1N1 infection in the index case (26M).  His partner (33M) also died, but H1N1 was lab confirmed.

The spread of this strain in Texas and New Mexico is not clear.  Only one H1N1 sequence from Texas has been made public and it was collected on November 30.  It is likely that the cases in northern Mexico as well as adjacent states in the US have distinctive changes, signaling a new sub-clade.  The CDC has withheld H1N1 sequences from the US.  The last release for H1N1 sequences was February 2, 2011, although H3n2 and influenza B sequences (largely from 2011) were released by the CDC over a week ago.

The release of the US and Mexico H1N1 sequences from severe and fatal cases is long overdue. 

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