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Myocarditis Cases in Kandy, Sri Lanka Increase to 42

Recombinomics Commentary

April 19, 2005

>>  He said there were no deaths that can be attributed to the mystery disease during the last week…..

So far, 42 patients with the mysterious health condition have been reported. The Ministry's Acting Secretary Dr. Nihal Jayathilake yesterday called a meeting of all relevant institutions to review the progress and issued instructions to the authorities for combating the disease. <<

The number of ambiguous statements on the myocarditis cases in Badulla and Kandy are almost as numerous as the growing list of cases.  It is not clear if there were no additional deaths, or just an inability to link deaths to the disease.  Since there has yet to be an identified etiological agent, failures to link anything simply extends the dismal record of the investigating agencies.

The number of patients in Kandy has now increased from 29 to 42, but there still is no identified agent.  Moreover, there is no mention of an elimination of any agents.

In addition to the 42 patients mentioned above, which included at least 2 deaths,  there were 3 deaths in Badulla which followed 184 suspect myocarditis cases earlier.

In spite of the large number of cases, and an unreported number of deaths, there is still no information on an etiological agent.

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