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Suspect H5N1 Patients in Jakarta Increase Pandemic Concerns

Recombinomics Commentary

May 14, 2006

Three patients were treated in intensive maintenance space (ICU), one him again in the Intensive Cempaka Maintenance. The patient beinisial "B", was four years old, was treated in ICU since May 11. "B" became the patient with suspect bird flu because of having his family's member with initials "M." (43 years) beforehand has suffered avian influenza. "M." became the patient suspect bird flu/because of having his property poultry that died. "M. was" treated" in ICU RSPI Sulianti Saroso since last May 8. Moreover, the patient with initials "Mr" (12 years) also was treated in ICU. "Mr" it was suspected suffered bird flu because his neighbour maintained the poultry. Now the newest patient, the man had the initials "H" (27 years), was treated in Intensive Cempaka Maintenance space. "H" it was suspected suffered bird flu because of maintaining the poultry.

The above translation describes additional suspect H5N1 bird flu cases in Jakarta.  Included is yet another familial cluster (between "B" and "M").  These are in addition to the family of eight in North Sumatra where six have died, and five are H5N1 positive.

There is also a health care worker with symptoms as well as 12 additional suspect cases who are hospitalized in Medan.

These additional cases increase pandemic concerns,

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