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More Photos of Gangcha County and Bird Island in Qinghai

Recombinomics Commentary
June 3, 2005

Here are more photos in Gangcha County in Qinghai Province.  The pictures with people are workers going to gather the dead birds and disinfect the area on May 21.  The deserted town is Niao (Bird) Island, which is quarantined.

The graphic photos of dead and dying bar headed geese were taken on May 8.  All of these photos are at the official news outlet in China.

The wide-angle shot from May 27 of thousands of dead or dying birds on Niao (Bird) Island were posted on, the Abundant News site that has carried stories detailing the over 8000 dead birds and other mammals as well as reports of 121 dead residents in 18 communities and 6 dead tourists who had visited the Qingahi Lake Nature Reserve.

China has submitted a May 21 report detailing 519 dead birds that were H5N1 positive.  A news conference raised the number of bird flu deaths to over 1000, but the following Abundant News report listed over 8000 bird flu deaths.

The massive die off of birds as well as over 200 human cases including 121 deaths has sounded alarm bells.  China has denied the human deaths but there has been no independent investigation of any of the infections.  The recent reports and photos clearly raise important issues which will not be resolved without third party inspections.  Until then, the widespread speculation on the significance of the alarming reports will continue.

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