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Expanding Fever Clinics in Gangcha County Qinghai China

Recombinomics Commentary
June 3, 2005

>>  I am having sore throat lately, guess I am smoking too much, went to the Gangcha County People Hospital to get some antibiotic. The hospital was awfully busy moving and cleaning. My doctor friend told me thay are expanding infection wards, and transferred many doctors from other hospitals. he also told me not to go out if possible. many hospitals in Qinghai are building additional infection branch, expanding and building more infection wards and increasing medical staff. I felt anxious hearing all of this. I got some antibiotic and went home.

I learned to play computer games lately, and knew about avian flu is happening here. I hope avian flu won't spread through the computer network. We used to have pesticide. What do we use to prevent this virus? My little turtledove disappeared. Could it be my neighbor's bird snapped it away? How awful!   <<

The above is a translation of yesterday's Abundant News story on the increased activity at clinics in and around Gangcha County.  Although the report is unconfirmed, it raises additional concerns.  China has admitted that fever clinic(s) were being expanded, but there have been no reports of who is being admitted to these clinics.  Moreover there have not been third party investigations of the reports.

Earlier reports indicated there would be news blackouts, and there has been specific information on human cases other than blanket denials of reported cases,

Clearly third party investigations of these reports of H5N1 bird flu in people and other mammals are required to reduce the speculation about the Abundant News reports, which describe a serious situation that would appear to be at the final flu pandemic phase 6 level, which is defined by widespread and sustained human-to-human transmission of  a non-human influenza strain likeH5N1.

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