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3rd Photo of Bird Flu Deaths on Bird Island Qinghai is Doctored

Recombinomics Commentary
June 7, 2005

The third photo of dead and dying birds on Bird Island has been doctored.  Three of the birds in the foreground have been duplicated in the picture.  Why this was done is unclear.  The first two photos did not appear to have been doctored and the pictures showed large numbers of dead or dying birds.

Doctoring a third photo by duplicating three birds would do little to bolster the case for a large die-off since here are so many other birds in the pictire and one of the three birds duplicated is standing.  The first two pictures were released together.  The third picture was edited into the original story.  It was added at the same time the reporters providing the information were being arrested.

Although all three pictures have imprinted on the photo, the typeset for the third photo is different.  The origin of the third photo would be of interest.  Wire service stories on China requiring registration of all bloggers in China have circulated today, suggesting that China is trying to control information on the internet.  Arresting the reporters who have provided stories on H5N1 bird flu in Qinghai would be another way to control information flow, as would submitting photos that were clearly doctored.

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