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Many Symptomatic H3N2v Cases At LaPorte County Fair
Recombinomics Commentary 04:45
July 27, 2012

One father who did not want to be identified because he was afraid speaking out would adversely affect his family’s farming business became emotional when he told WSBT three of his pigs and his three daughters were all sick. He said an ambulance rushed his 11-year-old daughter from the fairgrounds to a local hospital after she passed out Thursday..........

“Me and my husband took [our 13-year-old daughter] to the emergency room and on the way from the campground to the hospital, she was almost unconscious,” Hunt recounted. “I was slapping her face, asking her questions, trying to get her to stay awake.”

Once they arrived at the ER with Emma, who’d been taking care of her pigs in the swine barn, Hunt said she became even more alarmed by the reaction from doctors and nurses.

“We told them we were in the swine barn and they immediately all put masks on, they started IVs in Emma and took blood cultures to be sent off. It was just nerve wracking not knowing what was going on,” Hunt continued.

She wasn’t alone. WSBT spoke with at least three other parents whose children also became ill at the fair with similar upper respiratory symptoms. When members of the LaPorte County Fair Swine Committee checked the temperatures of all the pigs in the barn on July 13, 41 of the pigs had fevers so high that guidelines issued by the State Board of Animal Health kept them from being sold at the auction.
The above comments from local media reports on the H3N2v outbreak at the LaPorte County Fair suggest that more than the 4 confirmed cases were symptomatic, as were a large number of swine

The comments raise concerns about the true number of symptomatic cases at the fair.

Detail on the number of symptomatic cases would be useful. 

Flu-like symptoms in July in Indiana are unusual.

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