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Expected H3N2v Cluster Explosion In Jackson County Indiana
Recombinomics Commentary 19:15
August 2, 2012

The Indiana State Department of Health has identified a case of variant influenza A in Jackson County, bringing the total to five cases statewide. All cases have been linked to swine. Laboratory testing is pending on potential additional cases.

The above comments, from today’s press release from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), confirm an H3N2v case in Jackson County and strongly suggest many more cases are likely.  The press release provides little detail on the potential additional cases, but yesterday Jackson County personnel confirmed that they began sending swabs to the state lab on Friday, per an alert that was sent out after H3N2 was confirmed in people and pigs at the LaPorte County Fair.  Thus, the confirmed case above likely represents one of the first swabs tested.

However, Jackson County also noted that there have been symptomatic cases in the country for the past six weeks, suggesting many clusters of cases are present.  The confirmation of H3N2 in one of the initial swabs suggests most or all of the additional swabs will also be H3N2v confirmed, since flu-like symptoms in Indiana in July are uncommon.

It is also likely that the H3N2v in Jackson will match the H3N2v cases at the LaPorte Fair as well as the suspect cases (human and swine) linked to the Monroe County Fair.  Moreover, it is also likely that the H3N2v in Indiana will match the H3N2v in Ohio at the Butler County Fair, where 10 cases have been confirmed.and 31 more are suspect/

These cases also strongly suggest that additional cases will be identified at the Indiana State Fair, which begins tomorrow in Indianapolis.

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