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Another Child Hospitalized with H5N1 After Ragunan Zoo Visit

Recombinomics Commentary

September 21, 2005

Raka Detyo (8) was reconciled from RS Loyal the Partner because of suffering the sign that was similar to the illness that was caused by this virus.

Raka arrived in RS the Infection (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso, Wednesday (21/9/2005) struck 23.00 WIB.

Beforehand, Raka could be treated in RS Loyal the Partner, Street RS Fatmawati, Cilandak West, Southern Jakarta, for 7 hours. However after the team of the doctor from Department of Health Research And Development carried out the inspection, finally Raka was severed to be reconciled to RSPI.

Information that succeeded in being assembled Detikcom , when entering to RS Loyal the Partner, Raka suffered the fever and experienced breathless. And to last September 17, Raka could visit the Ragunan Zoo.

As noted in the above machine translation, 8 year-old Raka Datyo was transferred to Sulianti Saroso on Wednesday.  Raka was the 4th admission with bird flu symptoms and the second child who had visited the Ragunan Zoo recently.  In addition, 3 or 4 zoo workers have also showed signs of bird flu.

The zoo cluster has been growing almost hourly.  The zoo was closed Monday after it was reported that only four of 27 randomly selected birds at the zoo were negative for H5N1.  The birds were asymptomatic and it is unclear when they became infected, but the number of zoo visitors or workers with bird flu symptoms has grown steadily.

Similarly a cluster of cases in the Jakarta neighborhood of Rini Dina , who was H5N1 confirmed positive has grown steadily.  Her nephew and neighbor have also tested positive for H5N1 and another neighbor died with bird flu symptoms.  Similarly a contact of one of her neighbors also has been hospitalized with bird flu symptoms.

These two clusters are cause for concern as are several additional cases from around Jakarta.  Two of these additional cases also died on Wednesday.

This dramatic increase in cases with bird flu symptoms signals a significant change in the ability of H5N1 to infect humans and clearly places the pandemic at phase 5.


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