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Tests on North Sumatra Contacts of H5N1 Cluster

Recombinomics Commentary

May 15, 2006

Officially the North Sumatran Health carried out the taking of blood and wiped off the throat to 59 people. They were 5 nurses RS Elisabeth, 2 patients Suspect , the community in the Simbelang Fortification Village, the Subdistrict of three bows, the Karo Regency, as well as the medical staff in RS Kabanjahe, the Clinic G the Arena, the Melva Clinic, RS the Ester, and RSUP Adam the Owner, Medan.

Named by Eddy, the data from the Command Post KLB the Director General P2PL Department of Health, Jakarta, to May 13 2006, was met by 158 cases of bird flu in Indonesia, 35 cases Confirm Or positive WHO (26 died), 19 cases Probable Or was waiting confirm WHO (9 died), 103 cases Suspect (36 died), and 356 cases not bird flu.

From this number, the province that was stated Confirm Namely the Special Capital District of Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, and Lampung. Whereas that Probable , East Java, North Sumatra and South Sulawesi, now that suspect Yogyakarta, East Kalimantan, South Sumatra, and Riau.

The above translation lists the contacts of the 8 family members who were hospitalized with bird flu symptoms.  The index case had been hospitalized at RS Elizabeth in Medan.  Most of the family members were hospitalized at RSUP Adan Malik, the public hospital in Medan after transfer from RS Kabanjahe in Karo.  It seems likely that family members were at the additional locations listed.  Six of the family members have died and five have tested positive for H5N1 bird flu.  The condition of one of the living family members, Jonnes Ginting is worsening.  He is hospitalized at RSUP Adam Malik.  The other member, Obvious Ulina Ginting, has a high fever and breathing difficulties, and is at RS Elizabeth.  At least one of the health care workers has flu-like symptoms, which developed before treatment of family members.  However, there are 12 additional suspect patients at Adam Malik, and information on these patients has not been disclosed.

There are also patients being treated in Jakarta, and as noted in the cumulative figures the number of probable or suspect cases is markedly higher than the WHO confirmed cases.  Samples positive in Indonesia are almost always confirmed in Hong Kong, although confirmation may take weeks.  However, because samples generally are not collected until patients are transferred to an infectious disease hospital, many patients die with bird flu symptoms, but samples are not collected or are collected after H5N1 has been cleared from the nose or throat, but is present in the lungs of the victims.

As noted above, H5N1 is widespread in Indonesia, but the cluster of 8 with 6 fatalities is the largest recorded to date, and is cause for concern.

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