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Suspect H5N1 Bird Flu Cluster in South-East Sulawesi Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary

August 24, 2006

Three people that remained a house in the Punggolaka District, the Mandonga Subdistrict, the Kendari City, South-East Sulawesi (South-East Sulawesi) was suspected of being attacked by bird flu. The three casualties that it was suspected was infected by the virus Avian influenza (AI) was Lis (17), Nur (5) and AH (1).

The official of infectious diseases Dinkes the Kendari City, Dr. Ridwan in Kendari, on Thursday (24/8) said, was based on the sign that was complained about by casualties terindikasi was attacked by bird flu.

Casualties's father, Ambo Sau said, his three children complain about hot high, coughs, had a headache and breathless.

The member the first family suffered hot high, coughs, had a headache and breathless was the daughter Lis, was followed by Nur afterwards pre-schoolers AH.

"Two last week up until now belasan the tail of the neighbouring chicken died suddenly," said Ambo.

Casualties AH that digedong his mother not henti henti cried. His body appeared reddish and spots.

The regional public hospital (RSUD) the South-East Sulawesi Province (South-East Sulawesi) at this time was treating intesif two patients that was expected by bird flu.

The above translation describes three siblings with H5N1 bird flu symptoms.  In addition to common symptoms, at least one sibling had “spots” on her skin, suggesting petechiae, another bird flu symptom.  In addition, poultry in the area have died recently.  Moreover, there appear to be two additional patients who are already hospitalized.

This South Sulawesi cluster is far from the current cluster in Garut in Western Java as well as suspect cases in northern and southern Sumatra.  Thus far the recent confirmed cases have been limited to three cases in Garut and one in Bekasi, but these positive patients are linked to a large number of suspect cases, including six who have died with bird flu symptoms, but no samples were collected.

The simultaneous outbreaks of suspect H5N1 cases at five distinct locations in Indonesia are cause for concern.  As noted above, many highly suspect fatal cases are never tested.  Others test negative, but are highly suspect because of clinical symptoms coupled with contact with H5N1 positive patients.  Some of these patients may test negative because of prior treatment with Tamiflu.

The steady rise in confirmed and suspect cases remains a cause for concern.

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