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Recombining H5N1 High CFR and Transmission in Egypt (12/31/07 22:44)

High H5N1 Case Fatality Rate in Egypt (12/31/07 20:20)

Fourth Fatal H5N1 Case in Egypt (12/31/07 18:52)

Five Suspect Cases in Menoufia Egypt 12/31/2007 14:38

Fifth Confirmed H5N1 Case in Egypt This Week (12/31/07 13:23)

Suspect H5N1 Fatality in Cairo Egypt (12/31/07 12:28)

New H5N1 Cases in Egypt Raise Pandemic Concerns (12/31/07 11:38)

Three Suspect H5N1 Cases in the Nile Delta (12/31/07 04:11)

Fourth Confirmed Case in Egypt This Week (12/30/07 20:52)

H5N1 in Egypt Spreads to Farms (12/30/07 09:45)

H5N1 in Egypt Spreads to Qena (12/30/07 09:02)

Bahrain on H5N1 Alert (12/29/07 11:22)

Egypt on H5N1 Heightened Alert (12/29/07 10:28)

H5N1 Spread in Myanmar (12/29/07 09:53)

H5N1 Cluster Concerns (12/29/07 03:53)

H5N1 Under the Tamiflu Blanket (12/29/07 00:43)

Dramatic Spread of H5N1 in Egypt (12/28/07 20:48)

H5N1 Mutation Media Myth (12/28/07 20:18)

False Negatives in Pakistan (12/28/07 17:20)

H5N1 in Scotland Matches Denmark and Northern Germany (12/28/07 14:43)

H5N1 Spread in Bangladesh (12/28/07 12:31)

Antibody Testing for US Brother in H5N1 Pakistan Cluster? (12/28/07 3:59)

New Ssupect H5N1 Case in Pakistan Increase Concerns (12/28/07 2:48)

Confirmation of Sustained H5N1 Transmission in Pakistan (12/28/07 2:14)

False Negatives Delay WHO Update on H5N1 Cluster in Paksitan (12/27/07 23:02)

Three Confirmed H5N1 Cases in Egypt Raise Pandemic Concern (12/27/07 21:46)

Confirmation of H5N1 Transmission in Pakistan (12/27/07 19:24)

Two More Confirmed H5N1 Cases in the Nile Delta (12/27/07 18:31)

WHO Update on H5N1 in Pakistan Lacks Detail (12/27/07 16:20)

Turmoil in Pakistan Increase Pandemic Concerns (12/27/07 15:38)

H5N1 Spread into Two More Nile Delta Goveronates (12/27/07 12:18)

H5N1 Spreads into Southern Vietnam (12/27/07 2:48)

New Suspect H5N1 Case in Pakistan (12/27/07 2:12)

M230I Re-emergence in Egypt? (12/26/07 17:30)

Tamiflu Selection of RBD Changes in Egypt? (12/26/07 15:54)

H5N1 Fatality in Beni Suef Egypt (12/26/07 14:56)

H5N1 Falaity in Egypt (12/26/07 14:19)

Suspect H5N1 Fatality in Son La Vietnam (12/25/07)

H5N1 Spreading in Saudia Arabia? (12/25/07)

H5N1 Fatality in West Jakarta (12/25/07)

H5N1 Migration to Iran? (12/25/07)

More H5N1 Spread in Germany (12/25/07)

More H5N1 Spread in Rostov Russia (12/25/07)

H7 Human Transmission Media Myth (12/24/07)

Tamiflu Blanket Applied to Gharbiya Egypt (12/24/07)

WHO H5N1 Pakistan Situation Update Overdue (12/24/07)

H5N1 False Negatives in Pakistan? (12/24/07)

H7N3 in Vietnam (12/24/07)

WHO Hoarding of H5N1 Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns (12/23/07)

Jordan Issues H5N1 Alert (12/23/07)

H5N1 Genetic Predisposition Media Myth (12/23/07)

H5N1 Re-emrges in Gharbiya Egypt (12/23/07)

Low Path H5 on Two Partridge Farms in Portugal? (12/22/07)

H5 on Two Partridge Farms in Portugal (12/22/07)

H5N1 Human to Human Transmission Comparisons (12/22/07)

More H5N1 Spread in Poland (12/22/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Hong Kong Buzzard (12/22/07)

Proven H5N1 Human to Human Transmission in China (12/22/07)

RBD Changes Lead to Efficient H5N1 Human Transmission (12/21/07)

Lack of Transparency Raises Pandemic Concerns (12/21/07)

H5N1 RBD Changes Raise Pandemic Concerns (12/21/07)

H5N1 Receptor Binding Domain Changes in Pakistan? (12/21/07)

H5N1 Uva Lake Migration to South Korea (12/21/07)

H5N1 Human to Human Transmission Media Myth (12/21/07)

Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Serang Indonesia Grows to Nine (12/21/07)

Confirmation of More H5N1 Cases in Pakistan (12/21/07)

Large Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Serang Indonesia (12/21/07)

H5N1 in Germany Spreads (12/20/07)

H5N1 in Rostov Spreads (12/20/07)

Swine H2N3 (12/20/.07)

Sustained Human to Human H5N1 Transmission in Pakistan? (12/20/07)

More Suspect H5N1 Cases in Pakistan (12/19/07)

More H5N1 in Beni Suef Egypt (12/19/07)

H5N1 Human to Human Transmission in Pakistan Specifics? (12/19/07)

Hospitalized Doctor Increases Pandemic Concerns in Pakistan (12/19/07)

Suspect H5N1 in Kuwait Hospital (12/19/07)

Evidence For H5N1 Human to Human Transmission in Pakistan (12/18/07)

H5N1 Human to Human Transmission in Pakistan (12/18/07)

H5N1 Disease Onset Dates in Pakistan Remain Murky (12/18/07)

Migration of Uva Lake H5N1 to Europe and the Middle East (12/18/07)

Uva Lake Strain of H5N1 in Northeast Germany (12/17/07)

Tamiflu Blanket and H5N1 False Negatives in Pakistan (12/17/07)

Details on H5N1 Transmission in Pakistan Remain Cloudy (12/17/07)

False H5N1 Negatives in Pakistan and the United States? (12/17/07)

Asymptomatic H5N1 in Pakistan (12/17/07)

H5N1 in Sweden Matches Denmark and Northern Germany (12/17/07)

H5N1 on Farm in Germany (12/17/07)

Three H5N1 Familial Clusters in Pakistan (12/16/07)

Newly Admitted Confirmed H5N1 Patients in Pakistan (12/15/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Pakistan Grows (12/15/07)

Confirmed H5N1 Clusters in Pakistan (12/15/07)

Confirmed H5N1 Clusters in Pakistan Raise Pandemic Concerns (12/15/07)

Five Confirmed Current Patients in Pakistan (12/14/07)

Timeline of H5N1 Clusters in Pakistan (12/14/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Myanmar Patient (12/14/07)

Clusters in Pakistan Raise Pandemic Concerns (12/14/07)

Four Member H5N1 Cluster in Pakistan (12/14/07)

Clusters of H5N1 Clusters in Pakistan (12/14/07)

Likely Human to Human H5N1 Transmission in Pakistan (12/13/07)

Pakistan Hospitals on H5N1 Alert (12/13/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Pakistan Grows? (12/13/07)

Fatal H5N1 Cluster in Pakistan (12/13/07)

H5N1 Re-emergence in Nile Delta (12/13/07)

Egypt Issues H5N1 Alert (12/12/07)

More H5N1 Spread in Poland (12/12/07)

H5N1 Migrates to Rostov Russia (12/12/07)

Another Fatality Linked to Ebola Super Spreader (12/12/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Tan
gerang Indonesia Grows (12/12/07)

H5N1 Evolution in Egypt (12/12/07)

H5N1 in Wild Birds in Poland (12/11/07)

H5N1 Transmission (12/10/07)

Parallels Between SARS and Ebola Super Spreaders (12/09/07)

H5N1 Spread to Eleven Villages in Poland (12/09/07)

Fatal Links to Ebola Uganda Super Spreader Increase (12/09/07)

H5N1 Jiangsu Cluster Grows? (12/08/07)

Likely Human to Human H5N1 Transmission in Jiangsu China (12/08/07)

H5N1 in Poland Chicken Farm (12/08/07)

Ebola Super Spreaders in Uganda? (12/07/07)

Suspect H5N1 Gharbiya Cluster (12/07/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Jiangsu China (12/07/07)

Fleeing Patients Complicate Uganda Ebola Control (12/07/07)

State of Emergency Call Linked to Uganda Ebola Spread (12/07/07)

Ebola Spread to Uganda Eastern Border? (12/06/07)

Uganda Ebola Spread Confirmed (12/06/07)

Deaths of Uganda Ebola Health Care Workers Cause Concern (12/06/07)

Five Health Care Workers in Uganda Die From Ebola (12/05/07)

Suspect H5N1 in Benin (12/05/07)

Fatal Ebola Infections in Three Health Care Workers in Uganda (12/05/07)

Ebola Kills Health Care Worker in Kampala Uganda (12/04/07)

Uganda Ebola Spread Increases (12/04/07)

H5N1 Spread in Poland (12/04/07)

Suspect H5N1 on South Korean Duck Farm (12/04/07)

Krasnodar Wild Bird and Poultry H5N1 Match (12/03/07)

H5N1 Confirmed Fatality in Jiangsu China (12/02/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Processed Meat in Poland (12/02/07)

Uganda Ebola Spread Toward Rwanda and Tanzania? (12/02/07)

Ebola in Uganda Spreads to Health Care Workers (12/02/07)

Ebola Recombination in Uganda? (12/02/07)

H5N1 Confirmed on Farms in Poland (12/01/07)

Uva Lake H5N1 in Europe (11/30/07)

H5N1 G743A Migration in Africa Europe and The Middle East (11/29/07)

More H5N1 Mis-matches in Indonesia (11/29/07)

H5N1 Re-emergence in Romania (11/28/07)

H7N8 in South Korea (11/27/07)

Phylogeny of German H5N1 in 2007 (11/26/07)

H7 in South Korea (11/26/07)

H5N1 Evolution in Indonesia (11/26/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Hong Kong Egret (11/24/07)

Large H5N1 Cull in Suffolk England (11/22/07)

H5N1 Spread on Arabian Peninsula (11/21/07)

H5N1 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia (11/20/07)

H5N1 Confirmed on Second Suffolk Farm (11/19/07)

H5N1 Spread in Suffolk and Norfolk Farms (11/19/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Spread in Civilian Hospitals in Oregon (11/19/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Spread at Military Boot Camps (11/18/07)

More H5N1 Spread in Saudi Arabia (11/18/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Emergence (11/17/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Hexon Sequences Released (11/16/07)

Adenovirus Serotype 14 Fatal Colds Due To Recombinant? (11/16/07)

H5N1 Spread in Saudi Arabia (11/16/07)

H5N1 Tracing to Suffolk England (11/15/07)

Ebola Recombination (11/15/07)

Suspect H5N1 At Second Suffolk Farm (11/15/07)

H5N1 in Saudi Arabia (11/14/07)

Phylogenetic Analysis of H5N1 from Suffolk England (11/14/07)

H5N1 in Suffolk England Matches Wild Bird Sequences (11/13/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Suffolk England Similar to German Isolates (11/13/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Suffolk England (11/13/07)

H5N1 Expected in Norfolk England (11/13/07)

Norfolk H5 Outbreak Linked to Wild Birds (11/12/07)

H5 Norfolk Restriction Expanded to Suffolk England (11/12/07)

Acute H5 in Norfolk England (11/12/07)

H5 Confirmed in Norfolk England (11/12/07)

Dead Riau Health Care Worker H5N1 Confirmed (11/09/07)

WHO Investigates Suspect H5N1 Clusters in Riau Indonesia (11/09/07)

Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Riau Indonesia Grows (11/09/07)

Another Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Riau Indonesia (11/09/07)

Suspect H5N1 Familial Cluster in Vietnam and South Korea (11/07/07

H5N1 Re-emergence in Minya Egypt (11/03/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Tangerang Indonesia (11/03/07)

Gharbiya H5N1 in Beni Suef Egypt (11/03/07)

H1N1 Swine Sequences in Seasonal Flu (10/25/07)

Endemic Asymptomatic H5N1 in Europe (10/25/07)

Health Care Workers in North Sumatra With H5N1 Symptoms (10/09/07)

E627K Increase H5N1 Replication at Lower Temperatures (10/05/07)

G743A Acquisition in Krasnodar (10/05/07)

M230I in H5N1 Swine in Indonesia (10/03/07)

H5N1 Cluster Raises Surveillance Concerns in Indonesia (10/03/07)

Human Flu Sequences in Chinese Swine (09/29/07)

H7N3 in Saskatchewan Canada (09/27/07)

Re-emergence of H5N1 in Guangdong Ducks (09/17/07)

H5 in Asymptomatic Birds in Bavaria (09/17/07)

Tamiflu Blanket Over Tanggamus Island in South Sumatra (09/06/07)

Tamiflu Blanket Applied to Island Villages in South Sumatra (09/05/07)

H5N1 Re-emerges in Krasnodar (09/04/07)

H5N1 Transportaion and Transmission By Wild Birds (09/03/07)

Indonesian H5N1 Sequences in North America (08/31/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Domestic Ducks in Bavaria (08/26/07)

H5N1 in Domestic Ducks in Bavaria (08/24/07)

Another H5N1 Bali Case (08/21/07)

H7 Detection in Nile Delta Is Cause for Concern (08/21/07)

Recombinomics SNP Aggregation at Nature Precedings (08/16/07)

H5N1 Detection Failures in Europe (08/16/07)

More H5N1 Confirmed Wild Birds in Germany (08/15/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Dead Ducks in France (08/14/07)

2007 H5N1 HA and NA Sequences in Thailand Exactly Match 2004 (08/14/07)

H5N1 Bali Cluster Grows? (08/13/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Bali Cluster (08/13/07)

Suspect H2H2H H5N1 Transmission in Bali Indonesia (08/12/07)

More H5N1 Outbreaks in Togo (08/11/07)

H5N1 Confirmed Near Munich Germany (08/03/07)

H5N1 Swiss and German Sequences Are Similar (08/01/07)

H5 Infected Dead Swans in France (07/30/07)

H5N1 in Asymptomatic Swan in Germany (07/29/07)

H5N1 Human and Duck Sequence Identities in Indonesia (07/28/07)

Recombinomics Options VI Manuscript Available at Nature Precedings (07/27/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in India (07/25/07)

Endemic H5N1 in Egypt (07/23/07)

Endemic H5N1 in Europe (07/21/07)

Recombinomics Concurrent Acquisitions at Nature Precedings (07/16/07)

Is H5N1 Endemic in Saxony Germany? (07/13/07)

Recombinomics Paper Available at Nature Precedings (07/12/07)

H5N1 Confirmed Wild Birds in Germany Exceeds 240 (07/12/07)

More H5N1 Dead Wild Birds in Lake Kelbra in Germany (07/12/07)

H5N1 Wild Bird Cases in Nuremberg Germany Increase (07/10/07)

250 Dead Wild Birds in Lake Kelbra in Germany (07/09/07)

More H5N1 Infected Grebes on Lake Kelbra in Gerrnany (07/08/07)

H5N1 Positve Grebe in Machern Saxony in Germany (07/08/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in 153 Grebes on Lake Kelbra in Germany (07/06/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread into Thuringen Poultry? (07/05/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in Thuringen Germany (07/05/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in Germany (07/05/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Suspected in Dead Wild Birds in Austria (07/04/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread into Thuringen Germany (07/03/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Suspected in France (07/03/07)

H5N1 Clade 2.2 Recombination in Qinghai Province in 2006 (07/03/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Migration Into Germany (07/01/07)

H5N1 In Germany Similar to 2006 Tyva and Mongolia Isolates (07/01/07)

Wild Birds Are the H5N1 Common Source in Europe (06/30/07)

More H5N1 Wild Bird Confirmations in Nuremberg Germany (06/29/07)

Independent H5N1 Wild Bird Introductions in Europe (06/29/07)

H5N1 Introductions Into Czech Republic Germany and Kuwait (06/29/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Lednice Czech Republic (06/28/07)

More Wild Birds H5N1 in Czech Republic? (06/28/07)

H5N1 Similarities Between Czech Republic Germany and Kuwait (06/28/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Czech Republic Similar to Kuwait (06/27/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in the Czech Republic (06/27/06)

Multi-Focal Detection of Qinghai H5N1 in Western Europe (06/26/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Saxony in Eastern Germany (06/26/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Germany Similar to Last Season (06/26/07)

Wild Birds as Qinghai H5N1 Victims in Germany? (06/25/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Wild Birds in Czech Republic? (06/24/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Surveillance Failure in Western Europe (06/24/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Wild Bird Reservoir in Germany (06/24/07)

Another H5N1 Confirmed Child in Qena Egypt (06/23/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Wild Birds in Germany (06/23/07)

Migration of Qinghai H5N1 in the Czech Republic (06/23/07)

Origins of H5N1 in Czech Republic (06/21/07)

Another H5N1 Fatality in Northern Vietnam (06/21/07)

H5 Confirmed on Czech Turkey Farm (06/21/07)

Bird Flu Confirmed on Czech Turkey Farm (06/20/07)

H5N1 Speads in Ghana (06/20/07)

H5N1 Suspected in Togo (06/17/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Qena Egypt Raises Concerns (06/12/07)

Another H5N1 Case in Qena Egypt (06/11/07)

H5N1 Fatality in Qena Egypt (06/09/07)

H5N1 Positive Patient in Qena Egypt (06/08/07)

More H7 Infections in St Helens England (06/07/07)

H5N1 Evolution in Indonesian Alternative Reservoirs (06/07/07)

H5N1 Evolution in Indonesia (06/07/07)

Re-emergence of H5N1 in Multiple Patients in Northern Vietnam (06/01/07)

Multiple H7N2 Familial Clusters in England (05/29/07)

H7N2 Familial Cluster in Wales England (05/29/07)

Efficient H7N2 Transmission to 11 Patients in Wales England (05/27/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Soldier in China (05/26/07)

More Bird Flu Surveillance Failures in Western Europe (05/26/07)

Efficient H7N2 Transmission to Bird Flu Patients in England (05/25/07)

H5N1 Re-emergence in Patient in Northern Vietnam (05/23/07)

More Qinghai H5N1 Migration into Ghana (05/22/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Confirmed in Sunyani Ghana (05/22/07)

Efficient H5N1 Transmission in Medan Indonesia? (05/17/07)

H5N1 Cluster in Medan Indonesia? (05/17/07)

Fifteen Confirmed H5N1 Cases in Indonesia (05/17/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Evolution Revolution (05/10/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in Ghana (05/10/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Sequences in Israel and Gaza Similar to Egypt (05/10/07)

Simultaneous H5N1 Acquistions in Egypt Russia and Ghana (05/09/07)

Mysterious Fatal Swine Disease in Guangdong (05/07/07)

Refocus of Qinghai H5N1 Testing in North America (05/07/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Reservoir Linked to Germany (05/04/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Confirmed in Ghana (05/02/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Ghana? (05/01/07)

Egypt Qinghai H5N1 More Complex in 2007 (05/01/07)

H5N1 Migrates Back to Siberia (04/29/07)

Basic Tenet of H5N1 Evolution Challenged by G743A Acquisitions (04/26/07)

H5N1 Acquisitions in Egypt Challenge Influenza Dogma (04/23/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Migration in Europe the MIddle East and Africa (04/20/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Acquisitions Via Recombination (04/16/07)

Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Garut Indonesia (04/16/07)

Simultaneous H5N1 Acquisitions in Egypt and Russia (04/14/07)

Confirmation of Fatal Cairo Teenager Case (04/11/07)

H5N1 Infected Cairo Teenager Dies (04/10/07)

H5N1 Linkage Between Northern Germany and Egypt (04/10/07)

First H5N1 Confirmed Case in Cairo Egypt (04/09/07)

Another H5N1 Confirmed Child from Minya Egypt(04/06/07)

Qinghai M230I in German Eagle Owl (04/06/07)

Chicken H5N1 Related to the Gharbiya Cluster in Egypt (04/05/07)

Eagle Linked to Fatal H5N1 Case in Jakarta? (04/04/07)

H5N1 Positive Kuwait Cullers (04/04/07).

H5N1 S227N Re-emergence in Qena Cluster in Egypt? (04/03/07)

Three More H5N1 Confirmed Children in Egypt (04/01/07)

Confirmed H5N1 Familial Cluster in Qena Egypt (04/01/07)

Novel Cleavage Site in Southern Egyptian H5N1 Cases (03/31/07)

Another H5N1 Case in Nile Delta (03/27/07)

Two More H5N1 Confirmed Infected Children in Egypt (03/27/07)

Mild H5N1 in Aswan Egypt (03/26/07)

More Efficient H5N1 Transmission in Aswan Egypt? (03/26/07)

Third H5N1 Infected Child in Aswan Egypt (03/25/07)

H5N1 in Bangladesh (03/22/07)

H5N1 Reassortment and Recombination in Aswan Egypt (03/21/07)

H5N1 Common Source in Aswan Egypt (03/21/07)

Novel HA Cleavage Site in Aswan Egypt (03/21/07)

Twenty Fifth Confirmed H5N1 Case in Egypt (03/15/07)

H5N1 Spread in Afghanistan (03/12/07)

Another H5N1 Case in Nabarouh Egyprt (03/12/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Suspected in Tehran Iran (03/07/07)

H5 Confirmed in Tibet (03/06/07)

Second H5 Confirmed Patient in Laos Dies (03/04/07)

H5 Confirmed in Patient in Laos (02/26/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Kuwait (02/26/07)

Recombinant Human Qinghai H5N1 in Nigeria (02/25/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in Russia (02/21/07)

H5N1 in Northeastern India (02/19/07)

Migration of Qinghai H5N1 To Moscow Suburbs (02/19/07)

Emergence and Convergence of H5N1 M230I in Egypt (02/19/07)

H5N1 Spread in Moscow Suburbs (02/19/07)

Suspect H5N1 Patients Hospitalized Near Moscow (02/16/07)

H5N1 Confirmed Near Moscow (02/16/07)

H5N1 Confirmed Case in Sharkiya Egypt (02/16/07)

Another H5N1 Fatality in Fayyoum Egypt (02/16/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in Turkey (02/15/07)

Another H5N1 Confirmed Case in Fayyoum (02/14/07)

H5N1 Tamiflu Resistance Due to Chance? (02/13/07)

H5N1 Poultry Matches in Indonesia (02/12/07)

H5N1 Re-emerges in Turkey (02/09/07)

S227N Re-emerges in Qinghai H5N1 in Egypt (02/09/07)

Suspect Bird Flu Cases Hospitalized in Turkey (02/09/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Spread in Suffolk England (02/09/07)

Bird Flu Re-emerges in Turkey (02/08/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Re-emerges in Pakistan (020707)

Mother of Sixth Fatal Qinghai Case in Egypt is Hospitalized (02/07/07)

Veterinarian Linked to H5N1 Outbreak in England is Hospitalized (02/07/07)

Wild Bird Linkage with H5N1 Positive Case in Jakarta (02/06/07)

H5N1 Positive Cluster in Central Java (02/05/07)

Sixth Fatal Qinghai H5N1 Case in Egypt (02/05/07)

Circulation of H5N1 and H7N3 in England (02/05/07)

WHO Confirms Qinghai H5N1 Cluster in Lagos Nigeria (02/04/07)

Surprising Qinghai H5N1 Migration to England (02/04/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in England (02/03/07)

H5N1 Surveillance in England Remains Fatally Flawed (02/03/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in England is Likely (02/03/07)

H5 Confirmed in England (02/02/07)

Migrating Tamiflu Resistance in Qinghai H5N1 (01/31/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Confirmed in Lagos Nigeria Cluster (01/31/07)

H5N1 Positive Cases in Central Java Continue to Grow (01/30/07)

Tests Equivocal on Lagos Nigeria H5N1 Cluster (01/30/07)

N294S in Gharbiya H5N1 Cluster Prior to Tamiflu Treatment (01/30/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Confirmed in Krasnodar (01/29/07)

M230I Convergence in Qinghai H5N1 in Egypt (01/29/07)

Suspect H5N1 Qinghai Patient in Azerbaijan Dies (01/28/07)

Frequency of N294S Tamiflu Resistance in Egypt (01/28/07)

Qinghai H5N1 in Ivory Coast (01/26/07)

Receptor Binding Domain Changes in Indonesian H5N1 Cases (01/26/07)

Migrating Tamiflu Resistance in Egypt Raises Pandemic Concerns (01/25/07)

Suspect H5N1 Qinghai Cluster in Lagos Nigeria (01/24/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Confirmed in Hungary (01/24/07)

Qinghai H5N1 Confirmed in Japan (01/23/07)

Recombination in Gharbiya Cluster in Egypt (01/23/07)

Suspect H5N1 in Geese in Hungary (01/22/07)

Moderate Reduction of N294S Tamiflu Susceptibility in Egypt (01/22/07)

Five Suspect H5N1 Cases in Egypt (01/19/07)

H5N1 in Central South Korea (01/19/07)

Fifth H5N1 Patient in Egypt Dies (01/19/07)

Transmission of N294S Tamiflu Resistance (01/19/07)

N294S Tamiflu Resistance Marker in Ducks (01/18/07)

N294S Tamiflu Resistance is Evolutionarily Fit (01/18/07)

N294S Tamiflu Resistance in the Gharbiya Cluster (01/18/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Egypt (01/17/07)

H5N1 Spreads in Nigeria (01/12/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Third Jakarta Case (01/12/07)

H5N1 Receptor Binding Domain Changes in Gharbiya Cluster (01/11/07)

Suspect H5N1 Jakarta Cluster Index Case Dies (01/11/07)

Suspect Qinghai H5N1 in Japan (01/11/07)

H5N1 Binding to Human Upper Respiratory Tract (01/11/07)

Second Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Jakarta (01/11/07)

Second Confirmed H5N1 Case in Jakarta (01/08/07)

Suspect H5N1 Cluster in Jakarta (01/08/07)

H5N1 Confirmed in Jakarta (01/08/07)

H5N1 in Wild Bird in Hong Kong (01/04/07)

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